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Brochures, Fliers or Posters

At el-kad, we design brochure, flier or poster that can introduce your entire company and its products or services or a specific product to ones customer. Your companies may have a variety of brochures, fliers or posters aimed at different types of customers — prospects, new customers, lifetime customers. They may also be used to announce any special event(s).


Letterhead & Business Cards

These are the basic items that most businesses use and are often the first thing your business owners will have to create.



Our packaging designs cover everything from labels to bags to boxes of all shapes and sizes. At el-kad, our packaging designers create effective packaging which promotes brand integrity and helps ensure premium product positioning in the marketplace.



Regardless of the business you are engaged in you need signs in front of your premises as well as inside. Buildings need signs to point visitors to certain areas such as the lobby, a lounge, the exits, the elevators. Exhibitors at conventions and trade shows need signs. Cities and states need road signs. On a smaller scale, individuals need signs too.


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